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The author, Stephen Mackelprang, is a man that has experienced the dark side of life and favours to see the light. He’s a renaissance man, skilled at much, yet master of nothing, except making the best out of what’s at hand – literally, being a dual amputee (AKA left, metatarsal right). After seeking a profession as an MD, specifically pain management, he found that the best medicine one can deliver is laughter with an extra dose of inspiration.

about the book

A man, an amputee, a dual amputee, wanders the West alone on half of a foot to discover what life has to offer. He takes off, running the only way he still knows how, in a car. A car procured from selling his prosthetic leg (the expensive one) on eBay.

This true tale follows him on an adventure to angelic views in Zion National Park, to the top of the world in Death Valley, to mingling with the rainbow people, to pushing himself around in a wheelchair on the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. The story turns back to how he found himself ‘hopping’ about and the drug addiction which caused it.

While purposely estranged from his family, he learns mingling with others to accept differences and to resist judgement. Also, the deep importance of family. And most importantly that ‘we are not defined by our mistakes’.


Living Adaptive recorded a podcast with me

I was in a podcast interview with Living Adaptive. We spoke about my book, my journey in comedy and a lot more. Listen to the full podcast here.



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